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Buy a spa safely



A spa that will delight you is our promise.

Bien-Être et Confort, is committed to providing you with a quality spa drawing on the expertise of the world leader in hydrotherapy and the forty years of research and development it has in the spa industry. Choose not to go wrong and go for a product from recognized quality and renowned for its reliability.

Find us in our spa shop located near Bayeux and of Caen to discover our showroom. Our team will be happy to provide you with personalized advice on our Sundance Spas range.

Showroom Spa - Bien-Être & Confort

Sundance Spas, the world’s leading manufacturer of acrylic spas.

Sundance spas has a strong worldwide reputation and celebrated its 40th birthday in 2019. First spa brand to obtain the ISO 9001 standard

In 1993, Tony Garicoitz, convinced that the product would soon become a necessity for the French, imported his first spas to France. Over 17 years of experience and loyalty to the Sundance Spas brand allow us to demonstrate professionalism and efficiency. We are proud today to be able to rely on this reputation to achieve one of our main objectives: the satisfaction of several thousand customers across France.

Forerunner of the spa in France, by distributing Sundance Spas, the benchmark for high-end spas, we are recognized as spa specialists. Today, we bring you our know-how, advice, and impeccable quality of service.

Our spas

680 Serie

  • Various shapes : For personalized massage experiences
  • Jets : Strategically placed along the body to provide maximum comfort and relaxation
  • Simplified LED control panel : To focus only on well-being
  • LED chromotherapy : Thanks to LEDs, your night sessions are adorned with a thousand colors

780 Serie

  • luidix patented jets : Wide variety of adjustable jets to direct massages according to your needs. The intensity of the massages is managed thanks to the air controllers and the massage selectors. A massage palette at your fingertips
  • SMT therapy seat : Available in all 780 spas, this seat helps relax small muscle groups and joints

880 Serie

  • Accu-Sage therapy seat : This seat, which you find in all 880 spas, gives your submerged body an unparalleled global massage experience
  • Easy to use : Easy-open panels, exterior indicator light that controls the correct operation of the device, MicroClean Ultra filtration system to make maintenance of your spa as simple as possible

980 Serie

  • A designer exterior cladding, highlighted by lighting from the corners of the spa
  • Storage deck under which is hidden a refrigerated container SunCooler™ : comfort and entertainment go hand in hand
  • Lowered height for easy access and LED-lit seats for the safety of your family
  • New version the Accu-Ssage ™ therapy seat for an extraordinary body massage

Complementary products

Bioclimatic pergolas

You want to install your spa outdoors, we offer the installation of your bioclimatic pergola. Equipped with blinds and adjustable slats, this system protects the installation from the sun, the wind … and the eyes of neighbors!

Pergolas bioclimatique