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Privacy and use of personal data policy

The protection of your personal data is essential, and LC ASCLEPIOS Santé is committed to:

-Never collect or use data without a precise and legitimate purpose;
– Only collect and use data if it is necessary for the performance of the services requested, or collected with your express consent, in the light of clear information;
– Keep data only for a limited period, consistent with the benefits and services provided;
– Only carry out data transfers if necessary, in compliance with legal and security rules;
– Ensure that your rights to access, modify, delete and port your data are respected.

Why collect your personal data?

LC ASCLEPIOS Santé only collects and uses data about you for specific and limited purposes.

Main purposes

The collection of your personal data is essential for the provision of the service or service and if you refuse to provide us with your contact details, the corresponding services cannot be provided to you.

– Respond to your requests (Questions and Answers support service):
– Answer your questions, sent by email using the form available on our website, or by phone;
– Send you the documentation useful for your information.

– Send you ordered documents :
All our publications are free to download. However, you can also order them using the online form made available to you and accessible for each of our documents available in hard copy. Your contact details are then collected to ensure the follow-up of orders.

Secondary purposes

In addition to the service or service requested, you can accept or refuse that your data be used for the following purposes:
– Provide you with information on our new products, our news and the events we organize.
– You can receive information about our news, if you agree to it when collecting your personal data.

What data do we collect? How do we collect them?

LC ASCLEPIOS Santé veille à ne recueillir que les données strictement nécessaires aux services que vous demandez et aux finalités décrites au chapitre ci-dessus.
Les données sont directement collectées auprès de l’utilisateur du site, de l’application ou du service à l’exception des données recueillies lors de la navigation sur notre site web.

Depending on the services requested, we will collect the following personal data:
– Identification or contact data (name, e-mail address, postal address, and, if applicable, telephone number): this data is essential for any order, course registration or answer to your questions. You communicate them to us during your request, for example by completing a form.
– When you request a service or service, data may be collected concerning your professional sector, your function and the size of your company. This data is never used in conjunction with your identification data; they are processed separately, for exclusively statistical purposes and anonymously.
– Browsing data (IP address, searches, number of visits, date of visit, etc.): These data are exclusively intended for the statistical monitoring of visits to our website and are collected by cookies.

Audience data and cookie management

LC ASCLEPIOS Santé sites are backed up by an audience measurement tool making it possible to obtain information on visitors’ browsing.

It has been set to guarantee the protection of your personal data and is based on the use of “Cookies”. A cookie is a digital marker assigned to the internet browser which is used to view a website. The type of cookie used on the site www.bienetreconfort.fr has a limited lifespan and is not a prerequisite for accessing the content of the site. It is therefore possible at any time to deactivate or delete them without affecting the information or services provided by the site.

How to deactivate cookies ?

You are using Mozilla Firefox
– You are using Internet Explorer :
– You are using Chrome:
– You are using Safari :

To note

The data collected via cookies are in no way cross-checked with other processing (contact files, statistics of visits to other sites, etc.).
The cookies placed are only used for the production of anonymous statistics and do not allow the user’s browsing on other sites to be followed.
Cookies allowing navigation traceability and the IP address are not kept for more than 13 months from the first visit.

How long is your data kept?

The data are only kept for the periods strictly necessary for the purposes for which they were collected and archived according to the statutory limitation and retention periods; This is to provide you with the expected service or service and manage any additional requests.
The data collected to answer a question (question-and-answer assistance service) is kept for a maximum of 1 year; they are destroyed at the end of each calendar year.
The data collected for a document order is kept for 1 year.
When you have expressly accepted it: the data collected to inform you of our news or to collect your opinion on our services and services are kept for 5 years.

What means are implemented to ensure the security of your data?

LC ASCLEPIOS Santé is attentive to the security of your data, and for that it devotes significant human and technical resources to ensure its protection. LC ASCLEPIOS Santé is committed to taking into account the protection of your data from the design of new products, applications or services.

In the event of a violation of your personal data, LC ASCLEPIOS Santé undertakes to inform you as soon as possible and to take all necessary measures to limit the risks associated with this violation.

To note

Only staff authorized to process your requests, within the framework described by the purposes in Chapter I above, can access your data;
Technical and organizational security measures are in place; updates through patches, anti-virus, anti-spam, vulnerability management, peripheral security by firewall, intrusion detection and prevention systems as well as management of user accounts and authorizations, risk analyzes;
LC ASCLEPIOS Santé does not sell your data under any circumstances.


LC ASCLEPIOS Santé does not use any subcontractor.

What are your rights and how can you exercise them ?

In accordance with the provisions of Regulation 2016/679, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), you have the following rights over your data:
– Right of access and questioning: You have the possibility of asking us to find out what data LC ASCLEPIOS Santé has about you.
– Right of correction and erasure: You have the possibility to correct the data concerning you and to request its erasure.
– Right to object: You have the possibility to object to LC ASCLEPIOS Santé using your data for a legitimate reason. The consequences of your opposition depend on the purpose for which your opposition is notified to us; for certain purposes (see Chapter I, main purposes) your refusal may lead us to not be able to provide you with the service or service requested.
– Right to portability: You have the option of asking LC ASCLEPIOS Santé to recover your personal data in order to dispose of it in electronic format.

All of these rights can be exercised directly with LC ASCLEPIOS Santé, at the following email address : contact@bienetreconfort.com.

For any other question or information, you can send your messages to this same email address.